Top level of Steel Wire Coating Technology in the World

Products produced by J-Witex support various area of our day-to-day life. For instance, J-Witex produces galvanized wires and strands used for supporting Power and Telecommunication cable as a crucial social nervous system of our infrastructure. The galvanized wires also used for control cables and precision springs as the parts to function automobile and major industrial machinery. And J-Witex produces various kinds of wire ropes exactly meeting to needs from social industries, such as loading bulky cargo like container, elevator and construction machineries. Further, J-Witex line up wire grip, unique parts to be used together with galvanized wires and wire ropes.

  • Galvanized Steel Wire & Strand

    Galvanized Steel Wire & Strand

    Our galvanized wire, produced with high technique of special plating and drawing developed for over several decades, is used for the reinforcement of optical fiber cable indispensable for the optical network of FTTH. And it is used for precision springs named "Delta Wire" well known by shiny surface and anti corrosion for many years. Further it's also used for main components of various control cables which requires both sliding and transmitting capability of movement. In the control cable market, we retain more than 70% share in Japan and get started production at Yantai, China, to supply items to worldwide users. Galvanized strand is used for messenger wire needed for power and telecommunication overhead line. We have developed excellent characteristic by non-curling and non-rotating technology accumulated for many years.

  • Steel Wires

    Steel Wires

    We carefully select raw material and strictly manage quality control in production in order to properly satisfy market needs which requires the highest reliable spring wire as a very important parts for various kind of machineries. Since we have been producing such a high quality precision spring wire with long time accumulated technical know-how and capability of designed and development, it is quite easy to provide the most optimal selection such as mechanical property, surface condition, diameter allowance and packing condition etc. In addition, product line-up includes oil tempered wire which carries superior characteristics of straightness and durability required for the critical material for control cable. Further it includes bluing wire with excellent straightness applied for the reinforcement of communication cable etc.

  • Wire Rope

    Wire Rope

    Wire rope has been used for variety of sectors including Construction, Civil Engineering, Machinery, Ship Building, cargo handling machinery at sea port, Fishery, Logging, and Medical Machinery. For our specialty product, wire rope used for container cranes and ladle crane at steel mill has been applied customized manufacturing process to extend usage time of wire rope, and our cable-laid wire rope selected for user requiring extra-flexible wire rope. For every usage our product line-up features best-customized products available. These products, features wire rope with extra-breaking strength, extra-durability, anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion and extra-flexibility with usage condition such as costal and extra-cold environment capabilities

  • Wire Grip

    Wire Grip

    Our wire grip used to anchor and connect guy and messenger wire. In addition, our wire grip feature connecting wire rope at falling rock protection fences. The product used in variety of sector including Electricity, Telecommunication, and Civil- Engineering based on long history of providing the product. Wire grip used for cable barrier and falling rock protection fence featuring specially colored grip to fit with natural surrounding. This product uses special color polymer coating with weatherproof characteristics in order to meet requirement for natural surrounding. In our additional manufacturing location, wire grip manufactured at Yantai, China.

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