1. Definition of Personal Information

Personal Information defined as any relevant information which can identify individual.

2. Purpose of Personal Information Collection, Scope of Usage, and any deletion and Correction of Personal Information

In case of personal information collection, J-Witex Corporation will make a prior announcement on the purpose, the method, and opening of place of contact . Our information collection will be limited within our required basis under self-restricted standard. Usage of this information will be limited under the coverage of consent, and not to be used for any related purpose.

3. Disclosure of Personal Information

J-Witex Corporation will not release and provide any personal information to the third party without a consent from provider of personal information. When any third party subcontracted processing personal information, subcontractor will require to prohibit from leaking and releasing information to other party under the contract with strict control.

4. Ongoing improvement on Compliance and Management System for Personal Information

J-Witex Corporation will obey laws and regulation for any collection of personal information. Additionally, we will continuously improve any steps on collection of personal information. Disclosure of personal information occurs when court, law enforcement agency, Bureau of Consumer Protection, and any other related agency under laws and regulation given request to us.

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