Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Company Profile

Head Office: 300 Tsutsumi, Kaizuka-Shi, Osaka, Japan
Established: April 1, 2007
(Share Holders:)
450 million Japanese Yen
Nichia Steel Works, Ltd. 55%
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. 45%
Issued Shares: 16,363,636 shares
Accounting Period: 12 months ending March 31
Business Description: Production and sales of steel wire, piano wire, coated steel wire & strand, wire rope, guard rope, guy grip.
Repair, maintenance, reconfiguration, installation and sales of various machine.
Employee: 438 (As of the end of April 2023)

Coprorate History

Kokoku Steel Wire, Ltd. Established
Nankai Steel Wire, Ltd. Established
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. aquired capital
Kanto Wire Products Corporation Established, Techincial and Capital Agreement established with Sumitomo Electirce Industries, Ltd.
Merger between Nankai Seisen Kousaku Inc. and Senshu Seikou Inc. changed name to Nankai Senshu Seisen Kousaku Inc.
Nichia Steel Works, Ltd. aquired capital
Metax Corporation was established by the merger of Nankai Sensyuu Seisen Kousaku Inc.and Igeta Seikou Inc.
April 2007 J-WITEX CORPORATION was created through the merger of Kokoku Steel Wire Ltd.,
Kanto Wire Products Corporation and Metax Corporation.
April, 2009 Capital Participation for Yantai Misawa Metal Products Co.Ltd at Yantai, China
October, 2010 Established: Yantai J-WITEX Wire Product Co.,Ltd at Yantai, China
September, 2011 Company Name changed from Yantai Misawa Metal Products Co. Ltd to Yantai J-Witex Metal
December, 2013 Increased Capital for Yantai J-WITEX Wire Product Co.,Ltd

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