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New Products Released, “Tough Guard® Hard” High Corrosion Protection Steel Wire


In responding to the market needs for higher corrosion protection, we have developed the captioned wire products together with NSSMC, which is in line with Tough Guard® series managed as a part of “Steelinc” by NSSMC. (For your reference, “Tough Guard®” is a trademark registered by NSSMC and “Tough Guard® Hard” is called “Zinxperior®” as an international trademark registered by J-witex.)

We are the first makers who succeeded in developing High Carbon steel wire plated with 3 elements (Zn+Al+Mg) which needed high technology in order to hurddle the most difficult stranding and bending process, which is much harder than that for low carbon steel wire.

The outline of R&D was announced in The Institute of Electrical Engineers Japan held in March 2016 that anti corrosiveness of “Tough Guard® Hard” shown more than 5 times superior than traditional galvanized steel wire as a result of both salt spray indoor test and exposure outdoor test at Okinawa, located in subtropical zone in south Japan.

That is why it’s expected to save much maintenance cost dut to dramatic long life of parts and facilities for Overhead Transmission Line, Tension Members for Communication Cables and Railway etc. In the current circumstances where working force is decreaisng, it can be said that this new technology contemporalily responds to the social needs for saving replacement times of construction and saving industial waste


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