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Our Plating Technology

Our galvanized steel wire and wire rope being used for long suspension bridge.We mainly use a hot dip plating process to produce our products such as galvanized wire, strands, wire ropes, spring wire and so on. In addition to zinc plating process, typical galvanization process , we have a variety of unique plating process, characteristics of which are briefly introduced as follows.

With respect to the plating process mainly using zinc, we have two different process available. General one has plating structure consists of two layers of pure zinc and alloy made of zinc and iron. Another has plating structure only with alloy made of zinc and iron, which is applied for our unique product called “Delta Wire” combined with drawing process after plating, which is applied for spring use etc.

We have zinc-aluminum plating process consisting of 5% aluminum and 95% zinc available for the usage required anti-corrosion. We call “Delta- AZ” as Delta Wire plated by zinc-aluminum.

For more effective anti-corrosion product, 10% aluminum content of Zinc-aluminum plating process is available for wire rope etc.

In addition, we have a pure aluminum plating process, the product using which is called “KALS wire or wire rope.” J-Witex is only Japanese wire and wire rope manufacture having this process. This product carries superior anti-corrosion protection being suited for usage at marine, brine, and acidic environment, for example, for fishery wire rope and fabricating wire for raft in fishery farm.

Furthermore we have a tin plating process with lead free which is used for control cable of bicycle transmission requiring superior sliding capabilities on the wire surface. Especially in high-end bicycle market, it is estimated that we have approximately 50% share of tin plated wires in the world.

Moreover, our new product Tough Guard® Hard ("ZinXperior" as international trademark) released into the market with both higher corrosion protection and lower cost for various long life requirement.

J-Witex is thus prepared for variety of plating process able to handle specific needs of our customer.

List of zinc and other plating process available by J-Witex

We provide products plated by following process according to application.

List of zinc and other plating process available by J-Witex


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