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Management Policy for Quality and Environment

Basic Commitment

To maintain the 1st priority on quality management system to be effective all the time with continuous improvement, in order to provide customers with superior quality, cost, delivery and associated service with full satisfaction.

Our Policy

  1. Notify all our organization importance of satisfying the requirements set by laws, regulations and customers.
  2. Maintain QMS(Quality Management System) to be effective all the time with continuous improvement.
  3. Review QMS in operation, examine problems associated with operation, will retain operating resources necessary for management, and effectively improve any QMS practices.
  4. All associates will understand, be applied, and maintain Quality Policy and Objective.
  5. All associates will participate QO(Quality Objective) program, will achieve the tasks for QO and will manage the progress of each achievement.
  6. All associates will continuously maintain quality improvement in compliance with QC guideline through executing a job authority and responsibility without any deterioration.

ISO 9001 Certified since December 2007

Registered list of JIS Specification for Manufacturing

List of manufacturing location JIS Number Product items Approval Number
Osaka Works (Tsutsumi Area) G3537 Zinc-coated steel wire strands JQ0505003
G3525 Wire ropes JQ0508072
G3521 Hard drawn steel wires JQ0508071
G3548 Zinc-coated steel wires
Osaka Works (Hori Area) G3522 Piano wires JQ0508152
G3521 Hard drawn steel wires JQ0508071
G3548 Zinc-coated steel wires
Kanto Works G3537 Zinc-coated steel wire strands JQ0508120

Environment Management Policy and Practice

Basic Commitment

Environmental Conservation steps are necessary for our operation; we will consider any environment effect and global environment conservation affecting local community in order to implement sustainable environment conservation.

Basic Policy

  1. Follow current environmental laws, regulations, and pact, in addition we will set and willing to improve self-strict environmental standards.
  2. Take strong measures for protection against global warming. for saving resources and energy, against pollution control (harmful materials causing contamination in soil etc.) and for environmental management practice including uses of eco-friendly products and green purchases
  3. Designate environment objectives and standards, which will be reviewed in periodical environmental practices.
  4. Keep all J-Witex associates informed comprehensively of this environment policy.
  5. This policy will be opened to public.

ISO 14001 Certified since September 2007(Osaka Works) ISO 14001 Certified since February 2001(Kanto Works)


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